Pilates goals and benefits include coordination, strength and mobility.  Personalization is the key.

At Pilates4AnyBody we believe that you can accomplish your personal fitness goal . It does not matter where you start ...it matters that you start!.!  

Pilates4AnyBody can include:

  • Individual goal developments based on medical and physical history and observations
  • Core strengthening/flexibility and abdominal conditioning to improve posture and body alignment for improved movement and balance
  • Conditioning, flexibility and strengthening in upper and lower body muscles to enable injury free effective movement Body Awareness positivity .
  • Muscle development for weight loss to counter the 3-5% muscle mass loss per decade post 30 y/o
  • Pre-surgery training with permission from primary care physician.
  • Post physical therapy exercise plans to avoid re-injury developed with therapist if requested
  • Performance improvement for sports such as swimming or golf
  • Bone density improvements including for those diagnosed with osteopenia and osteoporosis.
  • Enhancements of whole body balance, stability/mobility and coordination for avoidance of falls and daily activity improvements.
  • Enhanced mental state and mood– you will feel better about yourself.